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Why you should make the most of the build up for your investment property!

The days are getting more and more humid, the sky looks like it’s going t rain but it doesn’t, people are getting agitated quickly and the heat is becoming less bearable… that’s right Darwin, it is that all too familiar feeling of the build up.

This time of year is an important one when it comes to your investment property, now is the perfect opportunity to tend to any exterior property maintenance before the big storms roll in and take effect. Earlier this year we had Cyclone Marcus tear through the Darwin and Palmerston regions, a cat. 2 tropical cyclone that made its presence very well known on 17 th March 2018. Thankfully no one was hurt however the damage that was done was something that most property owners will want to avoid in the future. Below I will share some tips on how you can do this and get in early before cyclone season really kicks off.

Pruning and trimming back any large trees is a must, these trees if left unattended can cause serious damage to a property when winds pick up. If your property is part of a complex managed by a Body Corporate then this is something that will be discussed among your committee and Body Corporate Manager however if you have concerns for your complex this is definitely something you should raise now.

If you have concerns about an over hanging tree or branches make it your priority to get these removed as soon as possible, these items can be a huge hazard to the building in high speed winds as seen during Cyclone Marcus this year.

Your property may have some loose items in the garden area, things such as garden decorations or heavy furniture should either be removed or secured during the wet season, keep outdoor items to a minimum so that if a late cyclone warning comes upon us it won’t take long to have your garden area secured and safe for the storm to come.

As a landlord another item to consider is a cyclone kit, some landlords like to provide their tenants with one and all tenants are advised to keep one in the property when they move in, items such as gas burners, bottled water, battery torches and tinned food can go a long way if the power goes out for a few days or more. Make sure if you have new tenants who have moved to Darwin from another country or region in Australia that they are informed about this if it isn’t something you will be providing for them.

General up keep and maintenance is a must, in particular things such as gutters and the condition of your roof, with the small amount of rain we have had you might have noticed a small leak that maybe wasn’t there last season, if this is the case the best thing to do is get this seen to right away. Regarding the gutters, now that we don’t have a lot of rain it is a good time to get up there and get the gutters cleared for any torrential rains that might come our way, clear gutters will prevent the pipes from over flowing and putting pressure in areas that can then result in a roof leak.

Lastly interior maintenance is also something you will want to consider, in particular air conditioner maintenance, now is a good time to get your units serviced and cleaned for the next few months ahead. As the temperature and humidity rise the use of the air conditioning will rise too. Having the units recently services will help you to avoid any unwanted maintenance surprises later in the year.

For further information on cyclone safety in the Darwin and Palmerston regions see the link below

Kate Nolan
Business Development Manager
Ray White Darwin

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