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Trace Historical Traveller’s Walk

Anyone with property in Darwin might be interested to learn how the city's founders made it into the centre of town from their ships.

From the 1800s until the end of World War II, those coming into Darwin had to come by boat.

They disembarked from their ships at the Port of Darwin and then climbed onto the escarpment on the path known as the Traveller's walkway.

This walkway can be found starting in modern day Cavenagh Street at the steps near the railway lines and traversing along the road until it reached the Terminus Hotel.

Shaded by the 'Tree of Knowledge,' a large banyan tree, this marked the seaward end of Chinatown and the start of the commercial centre of town.

This is now the site of the Darwin Civic Centre, which those living in real estate in Darwin will be familiar with.

Originally, this path was made out of porcellanite, which local Chinese stonemasons were skilled at the use of.

In the 19th century, there was a strong Chinese presence in the area with many prospectors coming from China to the goldfields in the North.

You can still spot the influence of this group of people in the character of Darwin, so residents may be interested to understand the city's fascinating history.

At the end of World War II, the Stuart Highway upgrade meant those coming into the city were no longer limited to travel by sea.

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