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Sustainable Living in Darwin

On of the benefits of living in real estate in Darwin is experiencing a tropical climate all year round.

The heat can make protecting the environment difficult but there are ways to practice sustainable living even in the hottest of climates.

Reduce water use

With very limited rainfall in the area it is particularly important to reserve and use water supplies wisely. Little adjustments to the way the household uses water can make a big difference.

Take shorter showers or have younger children bathe together. Make sure leaky taps are fixed and place the washing machine and dishwasher on the shortest cycle or eco setting if your appliance has one.

Reserve water by collecting grey water and using it in the garden.

Reduce energy use

Install energy efficient appliances such as light bulbs and avoid using appliances such as the dryer by hanging the laundry outside instead.

You can also use Darwin’s warm climate to your advantage. Think about installing solar panels to generate your own electricity, as this will help with lowering the cost of power while reducing the effect of energy production on the environment.

Recycle and re-use

Make simple lifestyle changes and implement a strict recycling regime around the house or start a compost heap.

Go organic and grow your own food or for those living in apartments in Darwin, become sustainable shoppers and avoid products with lots of packaging.

Owners of property in Darwin can find a number of ways to reduce household expenditure while also protecting the region’s natural environment for the future.

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