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Maximising your Marketing!

What is the secret to marketing success? I can tell you there is none, it is pretty straight forward with just some planning and clever preparation. Here is my 5 Step Process to your marketing success!

Step 1 – Presentation

Is your property presented to a high standard? Things to look out for when reviewing your property’s presentation are gardening, painting, curtains, repairs to be done, power hosing just to name a few. My advice is to make a checklist of “to do” items at this vital initial stage. Once you have completed the tasks on your list it is also a wise idea to invite someone else to come and take a look at the property to provide advice, this could be a friend, a family member or real estate professional. This fresh set of eyes may see something you do not which means you can get everything tidied up before any prospective tenants walk through the door.

Step 2 – Fresh Impression

Now that you have the property presented to a high standard the next step is to engage a professional cleaner. You can opt to do the cleaning yourself however we would always recommend you get a professional to do the job, this will definitely elevate your property and provide a nice welcoming smell and feel when prospective tenants walk through the door. Remember if you do not plan on engaging a professional to do this other competing landlords in your area most likely will so you will need to consider this when making that final decision.

Step 3 – Photography

Now that your property is completely clean, tidy and sparkling it is time to look at your marketing options. We highly recommend engaging a professional photographer to help showcase your property to prospective tenants online. This is an important thing to consider as it will be the first impression made and is crucial in getting people through the door at your open inspections. To really go that extra step, you may want to consider virtual staging which is becoming ever more popular these days!

Step 4 – Advertising Platforms

The time is now to research the different advertising platforms available to you, trust me when I say, paying that little bit extra for the top package is definitely worth it! Most advertising platforms online will give you packages to choose from, try and opt for premier packages that give your property maximum exposure! Things to look out for are how long does your advertisement stay at the top of the listings? How large is the advertisement space in comparison to others? How wide is the platform’s reach? Are there multiple suburbs you can market to? Surrounding areas perhaps? Really do your research on this one! It will pay off in the end!

Step 5 – Be Creative

When it comes to writing your advertisement content it will be extremely tempting to write a novel about why your property is the best available, try and avoid doing this. You have a short amount of time to capture tenant’s attention when they are reading your advertisement so be creative and in particular, be creative with your subject line. Perhaps your property is close to a sought after school, or maybe you are going to include garden maintenance, these are examples of what you should highlight in your tag line. The rest of your advertisement should be clear and concise. Think bullet points and small introduction, this is the format that usually works best for advertisement purposes.

I believe by following this 5 Step Process you will dramatically reduce your vacancy time on the market and should find you are securing tenants within a good time frame. Just follow this process step by step and you will be well on your way to having a tenanted investment property!

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