Danielle Jackson

Property Management Business Manager

Growing up in New Zealand, Danielle decided to make the move to Australia in the pursuit of bigger and better things. Soon after making her passage to the sunburnt country and a short spell in Adelaide, she made the transition to Darwin where she made the NT and Ray White ​Darwin ​her new home.

Quickly gaining traction in the property management field Danielle, was able to successfully work with a large portfolio. The skill she demonstrated in the role lead to her transition into the position of businesses development manager and shortly thereafter into her current role as​ ​Property ​Management Team Leader.

Making an impact on growth and culture of a business is no small task for someone who has been with a group for many years, but Danielle was able to accomplish this in less than a year in her role at Ray White Darwin. This is a testament to both her hard working nature and people skills, but more than anything the lengths she will go to make sure that her clients are accommodated and well informed.

Danielle’s professionalism and communication skills set her apart in property management, so it was no surprise when she made the smooth transition into a ​leadership​ role. As Ray White's head ​of​ property management she maintains the growth of the business and assists our clients with all their needs and inquiries.

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