New Year, New Habits

By Kate Nolan

As the rain seems to have finally arrived and the days roll into the new year comfortably what better time than to take a look at the year ahead and look at some fresh new year ideas for Darwin landlords and the investment properties in our city.

I like to look at every new year as the season of habits, whether that is creating new habits or ditching old ones every one seems to be focused on the same thing… New Years Resolutions which are basically just that and hey who said these can’t be transferred to our investment portfolios either, in my opinion there is no better place. How you ask? Well let me show you..

Reflecting on your last investment year there will be things you have been happy with, things not so happy with and results that you will want to improve, to tackle this you will need to create what I like to call good habits and look at ditching any bad habits within your property plan. Now don’t get me wrong, we all know the market is certainly not performing at its peak in Darwin at the moment but that doesn’t mean we can’t develop strategies to tackle all areas to make sure your property is performing at its absolute best for you when needed most.

A new habit that is worth developing, particularly at the beginning of the year is a maintenance plan. This is something you will want to speak to your Property Manager about which they can develop for you. The climate in our wonderful top end means the regular use of our air conditioners, now is the time to ask yourself are these being serviced annually? When was the last service? Perhaps you have multiple investment properties, if so then the new year is the prime opportunity to get this plan in place. Other ideas such as an annual irrigation check coming into the dry season to ensure your lawns stay wet season green all year round will always be a good addition to your maintenance plan as well as pest inspections and treatments, smoke alarm servicing and gutter cleaning just to name a few.

This is just a very simple example of the development of a new habit which once established will be second nature for years to come ensuring the highest presentation and condition of your property all year round. Prevention is always better than cure, lets make sure you are not landed with any nasty surprises that incur a large unplanned bill.  After all we are all creatures of habit and what better way to kick off your new year than preventing unnecessary head aches and taking control of your maintenance costs from day one. Trust me you won’t look back!

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